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posted this on January 24, 2012, 10:27

Flash On, Flash Off
Not sure when you should turn your camera flash? Then try taking one picture with the flash and one without. That way you can see how the pictures differ and which you like best.

Apps Are Your Friend
One quick fire way to enhance and improve your photos is to download an app for you iPhone or Android. 

A Clean Lens Is A Happy Lens
If your photos are looking a bit blurry or unclear, try cleaning your camera or phone lens.

In order to get the best quality photos, kept a steady hand when capturing your shot.

The Different Angle Effect
If you’ve ever had a picture taken of yourself, you know you may appear a bit different at various angles. Same is true for anything else you'll photograph.

It's Time to Focus
Before you take any pictures, make sure your camera is in focus. Take a few test photos to experiment with your focus.

Click, Click Away
It's best to take many photos and shots. That way you have variety to choose from for your uReport submission.

Getting that Scrumptious Shot
In order to get the best photo of your meal hold your camera at a slight angle to the food and tweak the place setting to play up atmospheric details.

Don't Make a Glaring Mistake
When taking a picture or capturing a video be aware of any surfaces that may cause a glare such as windows and glass surfaces.

Relevancy Is Key
Remember to ask the question: "Is my photo/video relevant to the uReport assignment?" If you're not sure, browse the content in the assignment uploaded by other users.

Play with Photo Editing Tools
From cropping to brightness to color variations, photos editing tools can be the best way to enhance and improve your photos.

Free tools


  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustration
  • Kodak

What's It All About?
Remember, we weren't there when you were snapping the picture/video, so we need descriptive text behind the uReport. Don't know what to write? Take a look the slideshows for ideas.

Innovative Titles? YES!
Creative caption and snappy and clever titles are just as important as the media item(s) you're submitting, so get inventive with your photo/video title.

Pictures Are Everywhere!
You never know when inspiration will hit or when breaking news will occur so take your camera with you everywhere.

Click, Delete, Repeat and Perfection!
It's best to return home with more than one photo. That way you'll have many options to choose from. So, click the shutter more, but delete each photo if it is not perfect.

Shoot Photos Like A Pro
In addition to practicing photography, one of the best ways improve your photo is to view and study works of other photographers. This will also help provide different perspectives and inspiration. 

Inspirational Sites:

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