How do I disable my adblocker?




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    Jeanne Lodzieski

    It is too bad that I can't get video. During the week I had problems with

    audio not being in sync with the video and now I have video problems

    I didn't have before. I briefly get the small foxnewsgo logo and then

    it goes to a black screen. I can get audio but not video of the programs.

    Please fix this problem and thank you for your consideration.

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    Damon P Disch

    The Fox video is not working in Chrome.  I have done the suggestions and the video just gives a black box with no controls, sound, or image.  I have Chrome version 60.0.3112.90 (64 bit).

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    Solomon Keyser

    The Fox video (and life streem) is not working in new version Chrome. Very sad.

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